Mother, Wife, Leader, Advocate.


Jess is a mom, small business owner, and local juvenile defender, who will actively represent the need to invest in our kids and fight for the interests of working families. Jess lives in Remington with her husband, two young children, two dogs, and four donkeys. She credits her role as a mother as being instrumental in her decision to enter the political realm. Jess desires to protect all children and ensure that the world they inherit as adults is a more just, equal, and secure world. With your support, Jess believes that we can Foster Change in Virginia’s 88th House District.

Jess’ father is a Vietnam veteran and her mother is a naturalized American, originally from Belgium. As a child, Jess spent her early years residing in Virginia then lived in Belgium for nine years before moving back to Virginia in 2002. Jess still frequently visits her maternal family in Belgium.

Jess’ parents instilled an ethic of hard work and social duty in their children. Jess has one brother who is an active duty soldier in the Army. Jess worked her way through undergraduate school and law school, often times working multiple jobs. She ultimately earned her law degree and was admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Jess uses her degree in part to serve and protect children and battered spouses in the Northern Virginia area. 

Jess owns and operates, together with her law partner and friend, the law firm of Foster McCollam in Manassas, Virginia. She is a passionate advocate for the underdog and has taken a particular interest in representing juveniles. In particular, Jess represents undocumented immigrant children in need of special immigrant status who have been abandoned or are victims of child abuse and neglect. Her firm also assists the local domestic violence shelter and provides free representation to disadvantaged women who are seeking protective orders against their abusers.

As a small business owner, Jess understands the needs of small business owners and the difficulties that small business owners face, particularly when it comes to providing living wages, family and medical leave, and health insurance.

Jess is fiercely loyal to both her friends and clients. She advocates with passion for issues that matter to her. She hopes to bring that same dedication and passion to Richmond.