Endorsement: Virginia NOW PAC


February 2, 2019

“Yes to Jess”

Virginia NOW is proud to endorse Jessica Foster for Virginia House of Delegates, district 88

Jessica Foster is the right person Virginia needs in the House of Delegates.  She is smart and caring, dedicated to her family and all families in her community and state.  She will work to ensure that equal justice, good jobs and good schools are available to ALL.  She will fight for our safety from violence and our right to health, education and a better life.  She will always defend those who have no means or no access.  Unlike her opponent, she will make sure that every resident of her district matters, has a voice and deserves a hearing.

  • Foster is committed to equal rights and justice for all, and entered this race to help Virginia be the final state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  • Foster is a small business owner, a criminal defense lawyer who accepts court appointments to defend those too poor to afford representation in court.

  • Foster’s legal work also focuses on protecting unaccompanied and undocumented immigrant children.

  • Foster supports workplace fair pay and family policies and practices them in her own business.

  • Foster supports common sense gun safety reforms.  She believes her daughter and all our children should be safe at schools without lockdowns and armed teachers.

  • Foster works with a local women’s shelter and provides pro bono legal assistance to low income women seeking protective orders and other legal assistance.

  • Foster supports reform of our voting system.  She believes that voting should be as easy as possible and that voters should select their representatives not the other way around.

  • Foster has worked to empower women, and promises to mentor young women who aspire to public service and political office.

Virginia NOW recommends supporting and voting for Jessica Foster.

For more information contact Pat Reuss, VA NOW PAC coordinator, patreuss@gmail.com 

Jessica Foster